2C-B molecule necklace size reference
2C-B molecule necklace - matte black steel
2C-B molecule necklace - nickel steel
2C-B molecule necklace - bronze steel
2C-B molecule necklace - bronze steel, wax thread
2C-B molecule necklace on Miffy's neck

2C-B molecule necklace

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2C-B is a versatile friend: in low doses the effects are like MDMA and in higher doses more like LSD. Carry around the molecule in the form of a necklace as a reminder of this special friendship.


All pendants are made out of stainless steel. Chains are 48 cm long.

  • Pendant finish is either bronze, nickel or matte black;
  • Available on a black chain, bronze chain or a strong wax thread;
  • Closes with a lobster clasp.


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The substance - a.k.a. "molly in the sky"

2C-B is a synthetic psychedelic substance of the phenethylamine chemical class that produces an array of psychedelic and mild entactogenic effects when administered. It first saw use among the psychiatric community as an adjunct in psychotherapy. It was considered one of the best substances for this purpose because of its short duration, relative absence of side effects, and comparably mild nature. Shortly after becoming popular in the medical community, it became popular recreationally. It"s effects are best described as something in between MDMA and LSD (although completely unrelated to "candy flipping"!).

2C-B is a popular member of the 2C-x family of psychedelic phenethylamines, all of which are derivatives of mescaline. It was first synthesized by Alexander Shulgin in 1974. In Shulgin"s book, PiHKAL, the dosage range is listed as 12–24 mg.

Common names

2C-B, Nexus, Bees, Bromo Mescaline, BDMPEA, Venus, 2,5-dimethoxy-4-bromophenethylamine

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