MDMA molecule necklace size reference
MDMA started it's career in psychotherapy and made it to the party scene from there. Carry around this necklace as a reminder of that warm, fuzzy feeling that hugs you on the inside. Good vibes for all!
Not your usual bohemian jewlery! Our unique minimalistic design will spice up your looks also outside of the dance floor.
MDMA is a recreational substance that is broadly known as Ecstasy when diluted. It has a wide range of psychoactive effects including an intense feeling of excitement, increased energy, enhanced mood and increased sociability.
Our necklaces are available in a variety of materials: shiny brass or matte black, silver and bronze.
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"I have had a very good experience with the product and company. Quick delivery, easy contact and product the best of its kind. It is creative and unique, with a very elegant but playful look. I sincerely like the product! Would definitely buy it again!" - Grazyna G.

"I loooooove it! The quality of my necklace is great! The necklace is not too big nor too small but just right. Great combination with my vintage black dress. The service is also super nice. I have made a mistake when placing the order and there was no problem in changing the order. Thank you very much PsyAnce :)" - Ola W.